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Debt Elimination/Capital Campaign

Presented by the Trustees and Steward Board


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 Carter Tabernacle CME Church is a Methodist Church which is a part of the Connectional Church of the 5th Episcopal District.  Our growth and wealth of the church depends upon the congregation that makes up the membership of the church.  The membership of the church is vital to the life and well being of the church.  


Our mission is to Place GOD first among all things in our lives.  The church members will come together as one family in loving Christ, and serving God, and its Members.


Our Church must be holistic to Engage our Members, and our Community.


  1. We must welcome our Members and Community with open Arms and Heart, with a welcoming spirit, and inclusion with all cultures and diversity as part of our congregation.

  2. We must be Engaged with body, soul, and mind to Passionately build Gods Kingdom.
  3. We must continue to build our Faith by committing to long term learning through his words.
  4. We must continue to Nurture,  Empower our Families in the church, and our communities to make them strong and to support the church and its mission.
  5. We must continue to Build good Stewards in responding with Sacrificial Giving as God has given to us.
  6. We must continue to Live the Gospel, in Sharing and Educating our members through wholesome conversations in sharing Gods Word.


Thus, a new Debt Elimination / Capital Campaign has been created.  We are hopeful that our members will support this fundraiser to eliminate the debts of the church, to be a rich filled church, free of stress, and to be in harmony with all gods vision that he has for us.



The debt elimination / capital campaign includes:

  1. Raise $3,500,000 to eliminate and burn our church mortgage note, and / or;
  2. Raise $1,000,000 to reduce the mortgage balance, and to refinance our mortgage at $2,000,000;
  3. Raise $200,000 to complete the roof repair of the our church;
  4. Raise $100,000 for the Church Transportation (new vehicle) needs, to transport Members and citizens in our community to, and from the Church (other venues);
  5. Raise $125,000 to Nurture, Educate our Members (the Kids, Teenagers, Adults, & Elderly), and our Community;.
  6. Ongoing Fundraisers and other offerings for needed repairs of our Church Facility, and Members Needs.


We know that this is an aggressive campaign!  We need your support, your family and friends support, and the business community support.  A pledge from you will help us achieve our goals, and will put the Church in a better Financial position.


We are asking that you support this fundraiser, and consider a donation of $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $50, $100 or more on a weekly basis.  This donation is over and above your tithes and offering!  Recognition and awards will be given to donors.

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