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Our History

Carter Tabernacle CME Church has been in existence for over 107 years.  In this time, the church has been blessed to see both spiritual and membership growth.  From the very beginning, the hand of the Lord was and STILL is upon the Carter Tabernacle church family.  In 1916, what we now know as Carter was started in what was then known as "The Grove" in the beautiful city of Orlando, Florida by several Christian Methodist Episcopal families who relocated from Georgia.

They first affiliated with Mt. Olive CME Church and later decided to establish a new church in the groves of Pepper Hill.  Because of the faithfulness of God to His people, he blessed them and the church grew.  God equipped the church with skilled pastors and lay persons with the knowhow and resources to build.  By His grace, and with strong commitment and dedication, a new edifice was erected at 912 West Bentley Street in 1924.

The membership grew to approximately 300 members by 1935.  By focusing on prayer, and establishing prayer bands and emphasizing sound teaching to both adults and children, Carter was able to meet the needs of the whole person.  In 1976, the Carter Tabernacle church family embarked on another faith journey and transplanted the church to 1 South Cottage Hill Road.

Carter has continued to flourish with many ministries.  Due to growth, the church expanded, increasing from 800 to a 1500 sanctuary seating capacity.  To serve the people better, additional facilities were needed as well, including a prayer chapel, classrooms, bookstore, and nursery.  Our membership continues to flourish and Carter Tabernacle is still known as a family church.

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