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Congregational Care


Capital Campaign Debt Release

To energize Christian Stewardship. Mortgage debt reduction
To consistently work throughout the year to find and implement effective ways for monies to be raised that will be used strictly for debt reduction

Education Ministry
We believe that, It takes a village to raise a child. We believe that all children can learn, given the proper environment and the appropriate curriculum. We believe that we are a part of the village. Our mission is to provide (2) college scholarships, an after-school tutorial and educational program that is aligned to the Sunshine State Standards and to augment the daily curriculum of our students, which will produce higher performance on the FCAT and at the college level.


Welcome all who come to worship with love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We want our guests and members to leave knowing the spirit of the Lord is here.

Historical and Preservation Ministry

Established in December 2005, the mission is to work within our power to promote the appreciation and respect for our church's history and its people;
To preserve all record and historical materials of our church for research and human interest;
To promote interest in our church's history on Homecoming Sunday and at other significant church anniversaries and events;
To encourage the preservation of the historical records of the Florida Region and to exhort local and Regional church Historians to document and thereby preserve the stories of their congregations.

New Members Ministry
To extend a hand of Christian Love and Fellowship to the New Members of Carter Tabernacle CME Church. This ministry is the start of the first of many relationships you will build with your New Church Family. We try to help transition and assure God's Salvation and educate you on church history and the different ministries in the church with classes.

Quilting Ministry
To preserve the history and art of quilt making
To promote Christian fellowship
To cultivate community outreach
To provide a source of revenue to Carter Tabernacle C.M.E. Church

Walk of Love Ministry

A group of saints gathered for the sole purpose of offering praises to God and constant
and fervent intercessory prayer for the church and all other concerns.  Community feeding the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month.

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