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The Kingdom Kids


The New King James version of Psalm 78:4 reads, “We will not hide them from their children, telling to the generation to come the praises of the Lord, and His strength and His wonderful works that He has done.” The purpose of the Kingdom Kids Ministry is to bring children under the age of 12 years to God, through Jesus Christ. With God’s help, this is done through teaching, inspiring, challenging and engaging children so that they become what God desires them to be.  In turn, they will bless God and others with who they are and how they live. Again, with God’s help, the children not only grow in the Word, they become servants in and outside the church and in the communities in which they live. This purpose is embedded throughout the entities that make up the Kingdom Kids Ministry.  Those entities being Children’s Church, Children’s Bible Study and the Children’s Choir.

The ministry goals are that Kingdom Kids are:

Active Worshippers - Children see worship as a way of life instead of something that is only reserved for Sunday. They are active participants in the worship experience praising and worshiping in their own way and not in a manner that is mandated.  They are active in fellowshipping with Body of Christ (the Church).

Active Prayers – Children understand that prayer is a way they can communicate with God and that it is available to them at all times.

Kingdom Linked - Children choose to be “Kingdom Kids” that is, to help each child develop and deepen their relationship with Christ and a hunger to know God’s word and apply it to their everyday lives.

Globally Connected – Children feel responsible for their immediate family, the Carter Tabernacle CME Church family, the community in which they live, the United States and the world. Teach them the role of missions and the impact that it has at home and throughout the world.

Knowledgeable of God’s Word, Methodism and the CME Church – Children will develop a hunger for God’s word and with God’s help, be transformed by it every day. The children will also understand Methodism and the CME Church through the Children’s catechism.

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